“Nueva” alternativa libre a Office /”New” opensource alternative to Office

Siempre estamos a favor de alentar los proyectos de código libre. Ahora, para desvincularse de los intereses empresariales de Sun/Oracle nace una rama del famoso OpenOffice :

LibreOffice: Si consiguen superar los escollos de la compatibilidad con Office (fundamental) tendrás futuro. Les deseamos toda la suerte.
Post obtenido de la Felipedia aquí

English:  We like to encourage opensource projects and have recently discovered this branch from the OpenOffice project. They are trying to separate from the enterprise interests set by Sun/Oracle.
We wish them all the luck and are sure that if they solve the current compatibility issues that OpenOffice has with Office products they’ll be a great free Office suite.
Post obtained from Felipedia here.